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We started with just one product; the personalised calendar which was a simple concept where customers could personalise their own calendar with the name of their choice cleverly featured in each of the month’s images. Years later, personalised gifts, and indeed the calendar, are still the focus of our offering and of course are the most popular items we sell.

Seeing their name on a gift never fails to make the recipient smile. No matter what the item, be it a small keepsake, a sweet jar or a bottle of bubbly, giving personalised gifts always creates a great impact. We’re always striving to bring you the very best products that can be personalised, no matter how big or small they might be. We’ve got something to cover every occasion and of course for every recipient so all your gift-buying dilemmas can be solved.

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Corporate gifts carry the potential to foster harmony among business associates. An organization that has a number of business associates has to keep them gratified. A corporate gift on merry occasions like Christmas, New Year and other joyful festive moods proliferate good business relations. The net resultant is an improved bottom-line for a firm. A firm which has happy customers always flourishes in business and reaches the pinnacles of glory. A right choice of gifts acts as a promotional and advertising tool for the brand persona of the company. Corporate gifts from top management to subordinate employees foster a vibe of enthusiasm in them. Employees feel privileged and pampered. They start perceiving organizational goals as their personal goals.

Reports have suggested, that companies who regularly reward their employees with handsome corporate gifts, record enhanced profits every year. Lower employee absenteeism, lower grievances and more harmony between management and laborers are some of the favourable results of application of the corporate gifting concept.

We are one of the best corporate gifting companies in central India. You can use our marvellous gift options to charm your customers. Once you have distributed the gifts to the customers, you can generate newspaper ads (depending on your budget) featuring you or your company logo along with photographs of corporate gift items you have distributed. This will enhance the brand recall and will also reinforce your brand image in the minds of your target customers. They will start relating those products with your brand.

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We’re So Much More Than What We Print

We're not just enthusiastic printers of business forms and sales and marketing materials, we're dedicated graphic arts professionals who seek to use our creative skills to improve the results of your printed documents and sales and marketing materials. How can we help you reach your goals?

Imprints has a distinctly human approach to the printing business. We always figured that putting people before profits just made good commonsense. Our relationship with paper vendors allows us to provide an amazing collection of beautiful, earth-friendly papers from across India. The local connections we've made in our community have helped us create a loyal following, as have our ability to keep promises and to consistently provide strikingly beautiful printing. None of this would be possible, of course, without the people who work here. We call each other "co-workers" and are always focused on hiring and nurturing great people to help us build our company

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